Jenn Quan

Eatery Redesign

A Spatial and Branding Design Case Study


E.a.t Marketplace


Spatial Design, Planning,

Organization and Brand Projection


Summer/Fall 2016

This project was for a very popular casual dining bistro serving breakfast and lunch which also had a marketplace component for wine and in-house packed foods. My job was to work directly with the chef owner to conceptualize, refine a color and material palette, and elevate the existing spatial planning then organize and style the spaces front and back of house as well as designing the expansion of an existing outdoor patio seating and adding in a front outdoor waiting area.

Whenever I start a project my goal is to listen. I want to understand what the client really wants, then assess the existing status and finally plan the steps and actions to get there. But first is my favorite part – Vision Casting.


After meeting with the owner and her partners I walked the property and discussed the vision and goals for the project as I sketched and made notes. Then I organized the project’s key points, and I broke the project up into usage zones to facilitate greater clarity, then we discussed specific goals and priorities for each zone. This particular zone was to be upgraded with new styling to increase the sophistication and potentially expand into an evening crowd. With the bar back, lighting and seating in a more sophisticated styling to invite this transition and emphasize the farm to table concept using both color and materials while maintaining the rustic feel. The client also wished to add in additional bar seating and remove the existing chef table to provide bar height tables and an additional POS unit to streamline efficiency for seated guests.


This was one of the main problem areas needing reconfiguration. The existing space while workable was causing confusion for guests as to where the line started and in getting to stored child seating. The congestion also created hazard and delays for servers coming and going from the back kitchen.


> By creating a custom bank of seating I effectively created visual separation between the spaces and literal spatial clues for guests on how to que in line.

>The additional product display and storage created more of the “marketplace” the client desired and allowed for product partners to bring in more sales.

>Provided storage area for high chairs that could be easily found but not block wait staff. Along with better queing increased safety and efficiency for serving staff moving through back area and around qued guests.


Another major concern area was this existing seating area. One of the most popular places to sit but small and bordered by a road, a sidewalk and a planted area. The existing space didn’t allow easy service by wait staff but was popular and always filled with guests. The Client was discussing expanding the patio seating to take over the planted area and provide additional seating and easier access for service but would require additional build out and railing. Permiting and coordination with both the owner and the city were required to successfully complete. I devised a couple of solutions with both built-in and free standing seating to propose to the city as well as new flooring materials and potted plants. Both the building owner and client were pleased.


This area would be incorporating an exisiting unused portion of the building’s side patio. The space was to include a special large party table and an additional casual seating area with a fire table and planted greenery. By making use of the door in the middle of the space both wait staff and guests could access the patio area. This new space allowed additional revenue opportunities for rental without much additional cost for build out.Use this copy to explain a bit the image you’re showing on the side. If you only want to show the headline, you can just disable the caption in the settings of this block.

I also worked with the Chef Owner and the Building Owner to redesign the front walk up entry and turn a generic sparsely planted green area into a waiting area and sitting space for her guests complete with rustic custom designed furniture pieces which I spec'd out and compiled for her builder.

Front Entry Seating Area Design Showing Custom Furniture and Layout

Custom Rustic Bench Spec

Custom Rustic Table Spec

Custom Rustic Planter Spec

While the project ended up not getting completed due to an investor backing out, this was such an interesting project! I found I loved responding to and assisting the Client’s vision casting process and bringing my ability to help carry her concept through the whole project as well as increase the usability of both her processes and spaces. I even got to design custom furniture. While not shown, this included providing ideas and suggestions to help her with efficiency in storage systems and work lines in the back kitchen.