Jenn Quan


The Delightfully Caffeinated Scheduling App


The concept behind this meeting scheduling app idea was the realization that coffee is often an unassuming component in many meetings. So how does one make a potentially generic idea interesting? Make it fun…and caffeinated. Caffeinated is always better.


I reviewed half a dozen meeting app webpages. Then I began brainstorming about "delightful" and meeting scheduling. How do I make a potentially generic (boring) concept a little fun and unexpected? I came up with a concept of scaling meetings with a coffee cup idea and went through both a low fidelity and full wireframe before I developed further imagery and color design.


Hand sketching ideas is still how I begin all projects. The sketches above were for the landing page. With a quick sequence of doodles I like to conceptualize what I want to be there, notes on what is needed, all idea threads as well as potential opportunities to add in unexpectedly delightful moments for users to experience.


As I originally began to think about the logo I thought a lot about cups and brainstorm sketched a variety of options with cups and letters, letters in the shape of cup, and a couple dozen of a variety combining icons and letters and nothing was pleasing. Due to the amount of color in the background itself I wanted to keep it simple and graphic with dark and light options. I eventually settled on the clean responsive metaphoric logo on the style tile below.


As I developed the Style Board, I worked with the saturation/value ranges to fine tune. The color scheme itself is inspired by a sunset and I anticipated it would make a cheerful and compelling color scheme to build the design around.


I’ve found that I usually do a combination of user and task flows with notes on details or options to keep in mind as I move forward in the design process. I’ve found this allows me to fully think through what the user will experience and capture and solidify all the various thoughts and interactions I’m envisioning.


I designed the interaction sequences based on the earlier flow diagrams to demonstrate how users would move through the various tasks.


Schedule a meet, add a company or simply wait and it will attempt to draw you into interacting with delightfully snarky jokes or comments. Caffeinated is always better.


Once the prototype was built I had 3 users attempt to accomplish specific tasks then questioned them about that experience noting what they did and how they responded.