Jenn Quan




Over the last 4 years I have learned an immeasurable amount by trial and error. As I built a small business doing something I knew and then building into a business I didn’t know, I discovered new talents, new joys and new interests. I discovered the power of branding, professionalism and excellence but most of all the importance and enduring quality of how timeless good design and compassion for human experience truly is.

The Why

Years ago, I hired a company

 to build out a site for me 

and spent almost $1500 to 

never be happy with the result. 

I couldn’t get the look I wanted 

nor did it do what I wanted 

to efficiently. Especially as a new business owner I had to 

figure out what I how did I want 

people to see my business?

I realized I was never happy with it because it didn’t fit. 

They never never took the time to understand or help me figure out what that meant. I was shoehorned into one of their templates. So, I fired the company and I built it out myself.

{Click to See Prototype Here}


I learned quickly about the quality of a good user experience with my first site as complaints about the length of time it took to load images, poor algorithms and general clunkiness prevented my customers from ordering. A person only notices when something doesn’t work…So I rebuilt and redesigned the interface using that data. Round 2 provided additional information, and while faster I discovered the importance of a good platform especially if it was geared for e-commerce.


Once you have an understanding of identity, I discovered that the integrity and thus the willingness to trust in a brand required a cohesive identity across platforms and print. The greater the perceived professionalism the greater the trust.

Spots along the journey to the current web presence. From images of my 2nd site to the logo and current print formats that coincide with automated e-mailing, print packaging and physical sales options.


I discovered that for this pariticular brand identity, inspiration and brilliant messy color were important, imperfection was important but most importantly–Clients and connecting to them was what created delight.


Listening, understanding my client stories and brand integrity built and established an identity that I realized made business fun. So much so, that learning Ads, how to plan for a business goals, defining ideal user experiences and stories, how to envision what a online site could do to improve business efficiency, vision casting and goal setting and helping other businesses get there but through listening and asking poignant questions which my initial web designers never really did. They didn't listen or hear me and it reflected in the design.